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Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA)

LiftPro UK Ltd can provide you with a free of charge survey to determine whether your lift installation meets the current DDA requirements.

The Disability Rights Commission has concluded that most common physical barrier to access by a wheelchair user to a building is the stairs. Some premises can simply use a ramp. However, all too often this is impractical because of limited space or because there are too many changes of level. In which case, building owners need to install a platform lift. A short rise lift of this sort provides access for wheelchair users and prams alike. By fitting the appropriate platform lift you will be complying with the Disablity Discrimination Act.

In order to comply with DDA legislation we have listed below just some of the requirements your lift installation may need to adhere to:

  • Lift installation must be a suitable size for wheelchair access
  • Lift doors should be fitted with a non-contact detector system to prevent passenger collision.
  • Lift car and landing buttons need to be between a specified height from the floor.
  • All lift car and landing buttons need to be tactile (Braille).
  • The lift car interior needs to be fitted with a handrail of a specified width and diameter.
  • An audible announcement of lift arrival, doors opening, etc.
  • Direct communication from lift car to the appropriate service (lift contractor) via activating of the emergency button.

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